Monday, July 15, 2013

Project Life - Update 13.

I feel like I'm regressing when it comes to taking photos of my Project Life spreads. It's pretty darn hard to take photos of photos through plastic sleeves. So while I know these are not the most gorgeous photos, the album does look really great in person. 

This time around I didn't use a single piece of paper from my kit. Everything is a photograph or a digital card printed as a photograph. The two on the left ("enjoy" and the confetti card) are freebies from Inspiration Ave, and the 4th of July card on the right is mine (you can download it for free here - though I'm sure you're more up to date than I am and not looking for a 4th of July card two weeks later). My favorite part about this spread is the pocket that I made with the red, white, and blue sequins. The pocket itself is shut, so the sequins can move around without falling out.

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