Friday, February 28, 2014


I'll just come right out and say it - I've been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't even really posted any new content in over two months. People are still finding the site every day, though, usually through older recipe posts that have been featured elsewhere (except weirdly enough I've had thousands of hits this week from who knows where on a post from October about no-sew paper bunting). But anyway, because I know people are still finding me here, I would feel a little weird if I just ... stopped posting. I have to at least SAY something about it. Whenever I stumble across a blog post that I really like through Tastespotting or Pinterest or wherever, the first thing I usually do is go to the "home" page of the blog and see what the current posts are like. If you're like me and that's how you got here - hi!

And bye. 

For a multitude of reasons, I've decided to give up Sundae Brunch for the foreseeable future. It's kind of a bummer, but it's the right decision for now. 

Before you go, you can check out a few of my favorite recipes here, like this super easy homemade kimchi, these amazingly good chicken tikka tacos, or this creamy and decadent peanut butter & biscoff pie. And I know I didn't include this in the "popular posts" section (because I didn't like the photos), but my take on Colombian-style hot dogs is actually the most visited post on this site by far. That photo up there is brown rice fried rice (fried brown rice?), and if you need a perfect method for brown rice I suggest checking out Alton Brown's.

And, on the off chance that you haven't heard of these guys yet and you're looking for some new reads, here's a list of my favorite blogs and websites: 

The Pioneer Woman 
A Hamburger Today
The Burger Beast
Joy The Baker
Half Baked Harvest
Simple Comfort Food
How Sweet It Is
A Beautiful Mess
Elise Joy
I Am A Food Blog
My Name Is Yeh
Lady and Pups
Floridian Weddings

They're the ones I read every single day that I open up the internet with some free time. I definitely have varying degrees of affection for them, but for one reason or another they've all made it into my bookmarks folder.

So, that's it. Thanks for following along this past year. It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and I really enjoyed it.

P.S. I'm definitely giving up the blog's Twitter and Facebook, too, since I wasn't really into using those services anyway. You can still follow me on Pinterest and Instagram, but my Instagram account is now Cristina_Carrera.


  1. Sad to see you hang up your hat, but best of luck on whatever lies ahead for you! It's been fun reading along and I look forward to more beautiful instagram images!
    Kelly - @asideofsweet

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